Start projects faster. Spend less time with contracts

Speed of thought and action is the answer to the high competition in the market of creative agencies. Don't waste time with paperwork! Focus on inventing, coordinating and producing - hand in hand with the best talents with whom you will quickly sign contracts.

Optimize administration work at a creative agency

If you work in a marketing agency, you know the importance of speed in collaboration. Backlogged paperwork should not block the execution of creative and strategic concepts. 


With Pergamin, you benefit from functionalities that streamline your work on documents – so that your employees don’t have to think about potential risks and legal liability, but instead focus on activities that are really important for the business. 

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Let document work happen in the background of what brings value to your agency. Speed up recruitment and project launches!

Search for contractors by VAT ID

Don't waste time tediously filling in data in contracts. If you are entering into B2B contracts, indicating the VAT ID will make the information imported from the REGON database and add itself automatically to the documents.

Use modular templates

Simply include or exclude the appropriate paragraphs you need in your contract. Create contracts that comply with your company's policies - without worrying about legal risks. Your work is limited to a few clicks in key places and selecting options that are important to your business.

Send SMS reminders

Send SMS reminders to contractors who have not yet signed the contract. This will speed up the finalization of contracts, even if one of the parties delays or forgets to sign the document. This functionality in the area of marketing agencies in 90% of cases results in the signing of a contract up to 15 minutes after sending a reminder.

Track the status of documents

Stay up to date with the status of a document - you always know what stage a contract is at and what actions to take to finalize it. You don't wonder which contractor has displayed or signed a contract because you have insight into the status of a document when you need it.

Sign B2B contracts with employees with the mSzafir short-term signature

If the candidates you sign contracts with do not have qualified signatures produced, you can still enter into contracts with them fully electronically. The mSzafir short-term signature provides such an opportunity.

Benefits of digital contracting in creative agencies

The contract prepared and signed in 15 minutes

Instantly close recruiting, sign contracts and open new projects!

Process optimization

50% less HR and administrative employee time spent working with documents.

Cost optimization

Saving on couriers, printing and filing of documents.

Qualified one-time signatures mSzafir

The immediate, convenient and legal transfer of copyrights.

Get revenue faster
with contract creation software

Online contracting in Pergamin is a 100% legal process, convenient for any party entering into a contract. Focus on your goal - successful and profitable customer partnerships.

Sign contracts 10x faster with a qualified one-time mSzafir signature!