Focus on driving your business forward instead of on drafting contracts

Sign contracts 90% faster and focus on growing your business. Reduce the time from business negotiations to signing the contract by following good document management practices in your company with a contract management system.

Pergamin: Focus on driving your business forward instead of on drafting contracts

How do you accelerate contracting
in a fast-growing company?

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Natalia Dziedzianowicz

Office Manager at Going.

“Our document workflow used to involve lots and lots of paper and repetitive, laborious work for us, but Pergamin has completely changed that.”

Drive the business processes in your start-up thanks to the quick online signing of contracts

For start-ups, making the most of your time is crucial. 

Due to limited resources, any solution that streamlines daily tasks is important – automation supports the most boring, repetitive work. Focus on what really matters – product development and investor acquisition. Start handling contracts with Pergamin and you’ll reduce the time to sign documents and complete business arrangements. You will reduce contract preparation and mailing costs by nearly 70%.

Gain momentum and increase the cost efficiency of your processes

Reduce the time needed for working with documents and increase team productivity

The actual signing of a document takes only about 10% of the time spent on the whole process. The rest of your time is spent on drafting, arrangements, and contractor negotiations. With a program for contracting and speeding up the signing process, you'll free up your employees in your startup. Optimizing the entire contracting process will significantly reduce costs. Prepare and sign contracts on just one platform!

Renew contracts without delays, thereby minimizing the risk of business losses

The result of proper contract management is minimized business risk. Automated contract status reminders will ensure that the document administrator does not have to wonder at what stage the document is and where it is. You will always respond quickly enough to renew your contract and negotiate favorable terms using the convenient comments feature. Modular templates enable the timely and error-free preparation of contracts and annexes.

Keep your documents organized and control costs

Chaos doesn't have to be inherent in the operations of a startup. If you use a single source of contract information from the beginning, you will improve your company's profitability and save your team time. Use a readable Pergamin repository containing all of your documents. Use our convenient electronic archive and you'll be able to find any contract in no time. If you have a proper register of contracts, their value and liabilities, and any other information you need, it will be easier to present your company's value to potential investors when you need it.

Would you like to shorten the time between business 

arrangements and signing a contract in other teams 

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Obtain revenue faster with software for creating contracts.

We'll show you how to create smart contracts and streamline working with documents at your company.