Spend less time signing contracts and more time managing your business

You don't need much to streamline your company's teams. Choose the best solution for reducing the time to complete business arrangements. With Pergamin, you'll manage all your contracts in one place, speed up signatures, and increase the cost efficiency of your processes.

Pergamin: more time for managing your business

Take care of the most important responsibilities while your company's contracts are being prepared


Jakub Barwaniec


According to research, over 50% of companies would like to automate their manual processes. They often don’t know how to approach this because they don’t have a good understanding of what automation looks like.


When implementing automation, we always precede it with an analysis of the process we are dealing with and we try to identify the most significant bottlenecks in order to get the most out of automation. Automation is a way to increase a company’s efficiency. Companies that don’t implement automation get left behind because they simply become less competitive.

Shorten the time from the business arrangement to signature!

Ensure that everyone in the company can work with documents easily and 90% faster. The efficiency of your teams depends on how you take advantage of their competencies. By relieving employees of routine activities, you will increase resources and extend the time they can spend on their key responsibilities. Integrate Pergamin with your systems and gain a single source of information about your company's contracts and processes. A platform for reducing the time from negotiations to signing is your key to organized documents and the seamless exchange of information about their status.

Optimize your contact processes. Let your business grow!

Reduce the contract cycle and the time needed to sign contracts

You have the opportunity to eliminate downtime in the contracting process with the convenient option to negotiate in comments, send contracts by email in bulk, and electronically sign documents.

Organize documents and related processes

Ditch the paper contracts stored in dozens of binders in favor of an organized, electronic archive where you can quickly find contracts and annexes and check their terms with just a few clicks.

Take care of your company's communications

Streamline the workflow of your teams. Provide employees with access to a single digital ecosystem that allows them to view documents at any time and from anywhere.

Work on the same version of the contract regardless of changes

Track the status of documents and benefit from the possibility to make corrections to the document until the signature is obtained. You have a constant overview of all the agreements and know what their status is. If you want to speed up obtaining a signature, you can send a text message reminder to your contractor.

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