Your data are safe in Pergamin, and you can spend less time with your documents

Pergamin guarantees compliance with Polish and European law, protects and secures data processed in your documents. Have a rest - your contracts are in good hands!

System security

Documents in our system are not sent as attachments.

The document does not leave the predefined flow and cannot be modified without the knowledge of the person responsible for the flow on the Pergamin client side.

The user always accesses the platform via a secure, encrypted link.

Compliance with Laws and Standards

We meet the ISO 27001 standard and we are compliance with GDPR.

We cooperate with large brands from highly regulated industries: ANG Group (financial intermediary regulated by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority), Aegon (insurance), Santander (banking), Polkomtel (telecommunications).

We use the services of reputable suppliers, such as Asseco Data Systems, KIR (National Clearing House Co.), Google and Amazon Web Services.

Technical security measures

We use secure Amazon Web Services data centers in Frankfurt and Paris. Documents and data do not leave the European Economic Area.

Communication with the Internet takes place through 2 loadbalancers.

The data is processed in the database, and part of the data in binary form in S3:
→ database encrypted with a dedicated AES key, in a private subnet, with access only for application servers,
→ three encrypted with a dedicated AES key, access to S3 only for application servers.

The database is encrypted with a dedicated AES key, in a private subnet, with access only to application servers.

The production account where the app resides is isolated within the AWS infrastructure.

Rolling snapshots are taken every 4 hours and stored for 7 days.

Application servers – EKS Kubernetes cluster with work nodes in private subnets without communication with the Internet, without the possibility of logging in via SSH.

Personal data protection

The Maruta Wachta law firm ensures compliance with the GDPR of the system and data processing procedures at Pergamin.

Agreements on entrusting the proces- sing of personal data are each time conc- luded with clients.

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