Pergamin Connect

Support your company's goals and accelerate business processes! Instantly integrate your current company systems with your contract management platform. Now it's possible with the Pergamin Connect no-code integration module to increase efficiency and reduce corporate costs.

Take advantage of instant
integrations now

no code
or developers


in 1 day

in compliance with RODO, eIDAS and legal policies

Automate workflow in teams.

Connect the applications you use easily and quickly.

Create a cohesive corporate ecosystem.

Build business processes without code.

Grow your business faster than ever!

What can you gain?


10x faster annexing, hiring and working
on documents.


Reduce sales lifecycle by 90%.
Recover 70% of the sales manager’s time.

Example of a process in the sales department using Pergamin Connect

Benefits of Pergamin Connect integration

A consistent ecosystem of processes and solutions for your business

Enjoy seamless automation without involving developers. Choose intuitive integrations that run smoother and faster than standard integrations on the market - even in one day. Grow your organization faster than ever!

Security and compliance with RODO, eIDAS and legal policies

Operate with confidence that your data and documents are always secure in our ISO-compliant EEA cloud environment (Frankfurt am Main, Germany and a backup in Paris, France). Forget about errors in contracts and attachments thanks to direct integration of business data with internal contract logic.

A consistent ecosystem of solutions in the company = smooth communication in the team

Avoid communication downtime by having everyone in the company use a single source of document knowledge. No more processes blocked by delayed agreements! You always know what documents are waiting to be signed, and you can send an SMS reminder about them to speed up the finalization of transactions. You can find all contracts easily in the electronic contract register.

Automate the entire document collaboration process and save costs

Choose the fastest tool on the market for scalable repetitive document creation. Handle contracts and attachments 90% faster from draft to edit to approval and signature. Save your team time, postage, printing and document archiving costs.

Increased efficiency of teams

Create contracts based on a convenient document template editor. Automatically build them from ready-made paragraphs that your legal team has prepared in advance. Use Pergamin as a map for contracts. Take the responsibility of legal risk off your team.

Integrate flexibly with more than 1,000 applications, without code