Conclude deals faster with an online contract processing platform

Sales teams can focus on acquiring new customers and meeting their goals, instead of paperwork. With Pergamin, you'll gain up to 90% more time to build relationships, which is what really counts in sales.

How does Pergamin support and organize sales processes?

Radosław Michalak

Rental Specialist, Volvo Trucks

“We wanted a digital ecosystem where multiple people can conveniently work on a document in just one place. Pergamin provided us with a contract generator and editor, an archive, and text message signature. It also automated many processes for us. Now, we operate differently.  Salespeople create contracts using proven and safe templates that consist of modules.  As a result, the sales department has ready-made templates in line with our legal policy, which takes some of the pressure off the salespeople and allows them to focus on customer contact.”

Shorten the time from the business arrangement to signature!

Issue invoices faster and get paid more efficiently than ever before. Streamline sales by automating work with contracts at every stage. At Pergamin, you'll find all of the features that you need to create contracts, including in the field, with just a few clicks. Now, you can quickly sign a contract with a customer using a text message signature. No commuting and no printing. All you need is a smartphone or a laptop with Internet access. Sales has the chance to become completely self-sufficient.

The only platform that you need for preparing online contracts and increasing profits!

Sign contracts instantly by text message

100% legal text message signature speeds up your transactions and allows you to close them in no time.

No more mistakes and filling out contracts manually

At Pergamin, contractors' data are imported from database and they are entered automatically. You don't have to check every typed word anymore. You can focus on what's important and issue even more invoices as a result.

Use one source of knowledge on contracts for all of the team members

Gather all of the documents in one CRM for contracts and easily find them in the repository. In our digital ecosystem, multiple people can work on a single document, collaboratively agree on its content, and negotiate thanks to the comments feature. Save time for yourself, other employees, and clients. Spend it on acquiring other clients and increasing your company's profit.

Create contracts conveniently and independently

Create contracts based on reliable and secure templates. Thanks to flexible modules, you can adjust the content of the contract to the arrangements with your contractor in just a few clicks.

Track contract changes and negotiate online

Automatically track the status of documents and receive notifications about subsequent actions. You save time, and the work on documents runs smoothly and automatically.

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business arrangements and signing a contract

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Obtain revenue faster with software for creating contracts

We'll show you how to create smart contracts and streamline working with documents at your company.