Pergamin and Volvo Trucks in one direction! An interview with Radosław Michalak – Leasing Specialist at Volvo Trucks Poland

How did Volvo Trucks start working with Pergamin? We could say that we share common values and goals – our products are meant to make life more comfortable. At both companies, we value tomorrow's solutions based on security, innovation, and want to share them with the world. If we said all this, we would not be wrong. However, we decided to ask Radosław Michalak (Rental Specialist at Volvo Trucks Poland) about why Volvo was looking for a tool to work with documents, and what made them choose Pergamin.

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Why Pergamin…and not paper? Or just a quick electronic signature? 


Creating and manually signing paper contracts in today’s world of vast digital capabilities is a relic. In addition, during the pandemic, the migration of businesses to conduct business online accelerated because society’s expectations have changed. 


For a company like Volvo, which pledges safety, convenience, innovation, and customization, every area of operation should be supported by these values. It is no different in the case of formalities and signing contracts. After all, this stage greatly affects the quality of the customer’s contact with the brand! 


At Volvo Trucks, we were looking for a tool that met several conditions. It was intended to support our business and sales department in convenient, fast, comprehensive document management, and signing. The ability to electronically sign documents was important, but we treated it as a starting point for exploration. 


We wanted a digital ecosystem where multiple people can conveniently work on a document in one place. Signing documents electronically is nothing new and more and more companies offer this solution to speed up the conclusion of contracts. It just so happened that we found the “more than” factor in Pergamin. 


You provided us with a contract generator and editor, an archive, and the possibility of using text message signatures. It automated many processes for us. Another important part of our collaboration is the approach to paper consumption and minimizing the need for courier services. And being a #paperless organization and following the path of sustainability is our must-have.


How has Pergamin made life easier for Volvo teams?


Previously, we managed paper contracts and signed them by hand, which significantly slowed down the truck sales and rental process. Our main tools were Word and SharePoint, which proved to be insufficient in the long run. We were in need of a single place with information about all contracts  a “CRM for contracts”. Now, we operate differently. 


Salespeople create contracts using proven and safe templates that consist of modules. As a result, the sales department has ready-made templates in line with our legal policy, which takes some of the pressure off the salespeople and allows them to focus on customer contact. 


What’s next? The data of our counterparties are verified in relation to the REGON database. It is a big help to have access to contracts by two parties to negotiate changes to the contract in real-time and see the changes. Volvo employees can find the contract they need in their e-folder at any time, so they save time searching for documents. 


From our perspective, this saves time for our employees and most importantly our customers. Some also praised the ability to sign contracts negotiated outside the platform, which can then be uploaded to Pergamin as PDF files and signed electronically. 

As a result, the sales department has ready-made templates in line with our legal policy, which takes some of the pressure off the salespeople and allows them to focus on customer contact.


How did the implementation go?


Smoothly and gradually. We agreed to take the onboarding process at such a pace that we would be ready to implement the tool in each area needed. We were told that it was possible to close this process in a month, but flexibility was important to us.



Who at Volvo Trucks uses Pergamin? And how have your customers responded to the solution?



We treat Pergamin as a business tool. It allows our salespeople to open and close contract issues efficiently. The sales team thus becomes self-sufficient and does not have to rely on lawyers because it uses ready-made contract templates that it can fill out with data as it wishes. 


The interface is intuitive, so no one has any problems with process handling. The issue of signing contracts “in the field” has also been resolved. And when it comes to customers, we are truly surprised by the positive response. While they don’t need to open an account to sign the document, the advantages of signing a contract via text message are indisputable. We have also observed that more and more people are realizing that it is legal to sign contracts online.



Do you have other ideas for using the platform in the future? 


Recent months have shown that we should all be prepared for circumstances that will force us to work in isolation. And even if we can avoid that, the model of services and the expectations in relation to processes that used to only happen face-to-face have changed. Quick data management tools are already gaining popularity and will soon be essential in business. They are used to complete formalities online and confirm them with a few clicks. 


We need to have solutions that maximally support our sales professionals in this regard, and in the long run, marketing, products, etc.



Would you like to digitally create and sign contracts in your business?

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