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Choose a comprehensive contract dashboard for your entire team. Shorten the process of signing documents and contracting, thereby reducing the time before you can generate revenue. No paper and no lost documents!

Umowy online dla branży automotive

What does the automotive industry gain
from online contracts?

Radosław Michalak

Radosław Michalak, Rental Specialist, Volvo Trucks

“We wanted a digital ecosystem where multiple people can conveniently work on a document in just one place. Pergamin provided us with a contract generator and editor, an archive, and text message signature. It also automated many processes for us. Now, we operate differently.  Salespeople create contracts using proven and safe templates that consist of modules.  As a result, the sales department has ready-made templates in line with our legal policy, which takes some of the pressure off the salespeople and allows them to focus on customer contact.”

Choose one source of contract information
for the whole team

In the automotive industry, contracts are most often created in the TMS system or in Word. It is then printed out and given
to a courier and signed on site. Companies are faced with a large volume of documents, and with two workflows running simultaneously (paper and digital), the chances of making mistakes and losing documents are higher. Ensure the efficient circulation of contracts and attachments.  With Pergamin, your documents will be organized, and your team will always have access  
to the same source of paperwork.    

Shorten your business processes and improve communication

Sign documents faster by text message

Automate the process of signing contracts. With the text message signature you will sign contracts with selected suppliers and carriers faster. Moreover, you will shorten the time to sign a contract and speed up the production, logistics, and hiring processes.

Avoid mistakes and delays in concluding agreements

When Pergamin is integrated with your system, the document is created based on the data collected on the application form. Features such as auto-filling of co-workers’ data in agreements and the automatic generation of amounts (e.g. contractual penalties) further simplify the process and make it error-proof.

Ensure better communication and document organization

With Pergamin, you can track the status of documents at every stage of the process. This means no more chaos and lost contracts. All of the information about the contract is in just one place. You can efficiently negotiate contracts thanks to the comments function. Documents will no longer function in two different workflows - paper and digital.

Save time by generating documents in bulk

In Pergamin, you can fill out multiple contracts by entering data into a CSV file (e.g. carrier pay amounts or product names) and automatically send them to contractors.

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arrangements and signing a contract in other industries

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