Speed up rental agreements
up to 10 times

Accelerate concluding rental agreements by 90%
to complete them in just a few days.

Umowy online w branży nieruchomości

Rental agreements signed even on
the day the tenant submits the form

Paulina Tkacz

Property Management Specialist at Atrium Poland Real Estate

“Pergamin has greatly reduced the time it takes to prepare and circulate documents –
a process that used to take a week. We now manage to close in as little as an hour.”

Respond to market needs by conveniently concluding contracts remotely

Employees increasingly value the responsiveness of HR employees. An efficient, automated recruitment and onboarding process enables you to attract the best candidates from the market, including in such in demand industries as IT. With Pergamin, you’ll reduce costs and time with faster circulation of contracts signed with candidates.

Improve business communication and signing contracts
in the real estate industry

Do you sign contracts with dozens or hundreds of tenants from different locations?

Is the process of signing a contract prolonged due to the multitude of documents and their distribution?

Are documents dispersed and require transportation from multiple locations to the head office?

Drafting and signing contracts online in Pergamin solves all of these problems and shortens the time from negotiating details to signing the contract.

It is the only platform you need for preparing online contracts

Instant and 100% legally compliant text message signature

You can sign the contract even on the same day after the tenant sends the form, including outside of Poland. Both parties will sign the document using a text message code, regardless of their location, in two language versions - Polish and English. In this way, you increase your competitive advantage.

Reduced process handling costs thanks to intelligent templates

You will shorten the document creation process and minimize the possibility of making mistakes. Modular, CRM-integrated templates are filled out automatically. With API integration, you'll add attachments such as a presentation of the apartment to the contract. An efficient, seamless contract preparation process increases the chance of customer acquisition and brings you closer to profit.

Save your team's time and improve communication.

By quickly working on contracts online in one digital ecosystem, you can delegate staff to other tasks and reduce the cost of handling the process.

Would you like to shorten the time between business
arrangements and signing a contract in other industries
or processes?

Obtain revenue faster with software for creating contracts

We'll show you how to create smart contracts and streamline working with documents at your company.