90% faster online contracting in the financial industry

Streamline processes for preparing financial and insurance contracts and annexes.

Pergamin: 90% faster online contracting in the financial industry

Eliza Rejter

Sales Support Manager at Profitowi S.A.

“Solutions thanks to which you can avoid printing out dozens of pages of documents, which was the case with every contract in our company, is a considerable savings on paper.”

Ensure a smooth financial document workflow

Move the process of signing financial and insurance contracts of all kinds into one place. Create a contract remotely, negotiate it, and sign it remotely. Enter into and annex contracts with clients as well as with employees operating in multiple regional locations in a distributed network.  

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Set the pace for business processes - reduce the time from negotiations to signing the contract

Centralize and keep your documents organized

You will always know what documents are waiting to be signed and the system automatically sends you reminders. Contracts are easily accessible in an electronic e-folder. Everyone in the company uses a single source of contract information, so you'll avoid downtime and communication bottlenecks.

Save time signing contracts by 90%

By automating the document creation and approval process, you won’t have to have meetings and phone calls. No more initialing every page, printing, and mailing paper documents.

Grow your business and we'll ensure the safety of your documents

Regulations and security in the financial industry are key. That's why it's so important that each digital solution meets the requirements of this sector. Our servers are located in the European Economic Area. We sign agreements with clients on entrusting the processing of their personal data and we have a privacy policy compliant with the GDPR. We do not profile the user data collected in an automated manner.

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Generate revenue faster with a contract creation platform

We'll show you how to create smart contracts and streamline working with documents at your company.