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Up to 250 employees

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Large companies

More than 250 employees

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Small and medium-sized businesses

Up to 250 employees

See how to prepare contracts up to 10x faster

A startup that specializes in automating the management of contracts and legal documents is picking up steam.  Pergamin has raised PLN 3 million in seed funding, led by JR Holding ASI. The start-up offers companies a system enabling digital data-driven contract management and, therefore, helps them generate savings.


Create agreements using a dedicated editor or use one of many available templates prepared by lawyers.
Automatically create agreements from ready-made paragraphs that you prepared earlier. It is like assembling
a contract from building blocks. Pergamin is the fastest tool on the market for scalable repetitive contract creation.

Saves time during contract creation

Compliance and standardization
of company documents

Easy updating of existing templates


Add people from your team and invite external contractors to accept or negotiate.
The final document is created in one place, with full control of all amendments and the version history.
Pergamin is your platform for communicating all the agreements between parties.
No switching between your email, Word, or other tools.

Speed up communication and agreeing on final arrangements

Easy collection of approvals

Transparent document history

Sign electronically

Sign contracts conveniently and directly in your browser. Use different types
of signatures, such as SMS signatures and cloud-based qualified signatures.

Our signatures comply with the Polish regulations and the European eIDAS regulation,
and they can be used in countries such as the US, the UK, and Canada.

Sign contracts (e.g. work contracts, mandate agreements, employment contracts) faster without a courier or pen

Conveniently collect signatures from any number of people, regardless of their location and at a time convenient for everyone

Flexibly manage the signing process thanks to SMS reminders or sending links to the contract.


Store all of your contracts in one secure and organized repository. Your digital contract file will always
be updated and compliant with the GDPR, and you will easily find any data that you need.

Structured and always
well-annotated contracts

The highest standards of data security and compliance with the GDPR

Control over who has access
to particular contracts


Create contracts without anyone’s involvement, with data from your business applications.

Build scalable processes based on data sources from CRM, HRM, or ERP.
Automatically update information in the source system when a contract is signed.

Increased efficiency
by automating repetitive activities

No risk of errors thanks
to the automatic data flow

Better insight into business processes and current data between systems

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Automated contracts tailored
to your business needs

Execute projects effectively, reducing the time
needed from contract drafting to e-signature.


Speed up onboarding and streamline adding contract annexes.



Issue invoices faster and generate revenue more efficiently than

ever before.

Real estate

Lease space and premises 10 times faster.



Quickly close sales and lease agreements for new and used vehicles.

Work on documents that are secure,
legally binding, and 100% GDPR compliant

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Pergamin is an online draft & sign platform that makes it easy to create, negotiate and manage contracts and other legal documents. We will show you how to streamline your
document workflow at your company. 

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