Shorten your process
of drafting contracts and signing annexes
in the accounting office

Automate the contracting of accounting services with new clients and adding annexes to current contracts. With an online contracting platform, you will improve the quality and speed of work in your accounting office.

Pergamin: Shorten your process of drafting contracts and signing annexes in the accounting office​

Minimize repetitive tasks in the accounting office

The goal of any accounting firm is to speed up work and increase cost efficiency. As a result, the client benefits because the process is tailored to their preferences. A platform that shortens the time from negotiations to signing a document will make it easier to prepare your contract, keep your documents organized, and save you time. You can devote it to performing duties other than filing, controlling the document process, and searching for documents. 

Take advantage of features that speed up every step of working with documents

Prepare documents up to 90% faster

Quickly create new contracts and annexes from templates. Clients coming from different cities, the seasonality of annexes, rate changes due to changes in the law, and varying terms and conditions will no longer be a problem in your daily work. Contracts won't slow down the team, which will focus on its core task of serving B2B and B2C customers.

Increase the productivity of your accounting staff

Create, upload, and download annexes in bulk using Pergamin. You'll save staff time and resources, and you'll cut costs by not having to use couriers and mail.

Keep your documents organized

Re-signing from scanned documents eliminates the problem of keeping paper documentation in binders and cabinets. Easily locate current client contracts to ensure that you are working with an annexed agreement.

Save time and sign contracts electronically

Sign contracts with a convenient Asseco SimplySign qualified signature or text message signature.

Increase customer satisfaction

Signing annexes involves difficulties such as choosing an appropriate meeting time. All errors and mistakes contribute to a longer process and lower customer satisfaction. With a platform reducing the process, working with clients is smooth and increases the competitiveness of the accounting firm.

Would you like to shorten the time between business 

arrangements and signing a contract in other teams 

or industries?

Generate revenue faster with a contract creation platform

We'll show you how to create smart contracts and streamline working with documents at your company.