Quick online contracts and electronic signatures
for distributed finance teams

Choose one solution with which to save time and improve communication when working on contracts in the finance and insurance industries.

Pergamin: Szybkie umowy online i podpis elektroniczny dla rozproszonych zespołów finansowych

Online contracting in the financial industry means 90% savings in time and costs

Eliza Rejter

Sales Support Manager at Profitowi S.A.

“It takes 5 minutes from the moment we start working on the contract to the moment it is signed by both parties.”

Reduce the time from business arrangements to signatures. Use the automated functions of a platform for concluding agreements.

Did you know that all the teams in a company can use the same source of contract information? This means the end of documents suspended in a vacuum. From now on, you can conveniently conclude and annex B2B agreements with suppliers of financial and insurance products who operate in multiple locations. Move the process of signing financial and insurance contracts to one place. With Pergamin, you will be able to remotely create a contract, negotiate it, and then sign it remotely.

Streamline the financial document workflow in your company. Now, you can speed up work with your employees and contractors.

Organized documents and a single source of information about contracts

You always know what actions to perform on a given document, and the system automatically sends you reminders. You can easily find contracts in an e-folder, without having to keep dozens of boxes and binders of documents.

You don't have to remember about contracts and fill them out manually

Check the status of your documents anytime and anywhere. Everyone involved in the process has access to the document at the appropriate time through a system that automatically sends out invitations and reminders about signing. The document administrator does not have to wonder where and at what stage their document is.

Save 90% of your time on online contracting

By automating the document creation and approval process, you won’t need to have meetings and phone calls. No more initialing every page, printing, and mailing paper documents.

Ensured safety of your documents

Our servers are located in the European Economic Area. We sign agreements with clients on entrusting the processing of their personal data and we have a privacy policy compliant with the GDPR. We do not profile the user data collected in an automated manner. We passed all of the security tests with flying colors!

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