Atrium Poland: 10 times faster short-term rental process

Full integration with the platform for tenants. Creating contracts without anyone’s involvement. Improving communication between the head office and 14 shopping centers!

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Pergamin has greatly reduced the time that it takes to prepare and circulate documents - a process that used to take us a week can now be closed in as little as an hour.

Paulina Tkacz, Property Management Specialist at Atrium Poland

Atrium European Real Estate

Challenge – the manual short-term rental process

The main activity of Atrium Poland Real Estate Management, apart from managing commercial properties, is leasing space – commercial and service units, stands, and advertising space.

During a month, the company concludes even a few hundred rental contracts. 

Previously, concluding each contract consisted of the following steps: selection of an appropriate document template, selection of appropriate contract terms, filling out the data, internal approval of the document content, and preparation of the document for signing. Finally, the contract was shipped by courier and required a handwritten signature by each party. The process was entirely manual and, therefore, time-consuming. Sometimes documents were delivered to the wrong address or contained incorrect data. This resulted in delays in signing leases. 

In order to streamline the whole process, Atrium Poland Real Estate Management became interested in electronic solutions. This is one of the stages of development of the company. Our goals are innovation, automation of processes, and introducing environmental solutions. That is why we have introduced a mobile application for tenants to contact the shopping center management team.

The problem in brief:

  • manual creation of all contracts,
  • a complicated and lengthy document preparation process,
  • time-consuming document workflow.

Solution – an integrated system for contracts

Atrium Poland Real Estate Management is known for introducing solutions facilitating and speeding up leasing and management activities. 

To optimize the contracting process, we were searching for a fully electronic tool. We chose Pergamin, a platform that automates document preparation, uploading, and signing. Now, all of the company’s centers in Poland (14) use the same platform and conclude leases faster while taking care of the environment by avoiding the need to print contracts.”

Pergamin was integrated with the booking system used by Atrium. The prospective tenant goes through all of the steps of acquiring advertising space in the centers in an automated and fully electronic manner. The contract provisions and personal details are sent to Pergamin via an API. 

They are then used to fill out the appropriate templates that are built collaboratively by the platform team and the Atrium staff. Therefore, the contract is created without any human involvement. It then goes to the tenant and representatives of the shopping center. Just a few clicks and the document is signed by all of the parties. 

This way, Atrium and Pergamin simplify difficult and time-consuming processes all without a single sheet of paper.

The solution in brief:

Pergamin as a platform for preparing, circulating, and signing contracts in all 14 centers owned and managed by Atrium,

integration with the booking system – full automation of document creation and workflow, implementation of dedicated contract templates.

The result – saving time and eliminating errors

Atrium has reduced the time that it takes to create a contract, circulate it, and sign it in just a few hours instead of several days. Connecting Pergamin to the booking system automated the entire process. The modular contract templates are also important as it is no longer necessary to manually verify the lease terms. Everything is automated. 

The option to automatically generate a word record of the rent and deposit amounts, which eliminates the discrepancies between numeric and word records, is particularly helpful. Other errors due to incorrectly entered data also do not appear in the new contracts. This is possible thanks to the integration of Pergamin with the REGON database – contractor data, including NIP numbers, are always up-to-date and correct, which is also important when issuing invoices.

Atrium can immediately send documents to prospective tenants, even when the decision makers are not at the office. Electronic access to contracts provides the possibility to sign them at any time via a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This has made our shopping centers even more attractive to tenants.

Thanks to document statuses, Atrium employees know at what stage the documents are and whether they require any action. The repository of online contracts allows you to quickly access a specific document and check the terms contained therein.

Pergamin has made it possible to speed up the short-term rental process tenfold.

The result in brief:

  • automation of the process of preparing and concluding contracts,
  • reduced document processing time,
  • based on Pergamin’s integration with the REGON database, which has eliminated errors in contractors’ data,
  • elimination of the use of paper,
  • increased attractiveness and competitiveness of Atrium’s offer.


Paulina Tkacz, Property Management Specialist at Atrium, shared the following insights:

Working with documents in Pergamin has made everything become easy and pleasant. The fully automated contract preparation process saves a lot of time and helps everyone avoid mistakes. What's more, our clients also find Pergamin to be a huge improvement - they no longer have to wait to create a contract, make revisions, and send documents or signed copies to our offices. All of the document information is in one place, and the people coordinating the contract workflow at Atrium know exactly where the document is, whether it has been safely delivered to the right people, and who has signed it. Pergamin is a tool that helps us drive the digital transformation process at Atrium.

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