Case study: Fast contracts annexation with the “0” starter package for the new employees

BPiON provides modern HR, payroll and accounting outsourcing services throughout Europe. Successfully combines many years of experience with the latest intelligent technological solutions. The company was looking for a tool to improve the annexation and employment process that would handle not only employment contracts but also statements, notifications and other employee requests.

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Challenge: annexing and managing large numbers of documents

BPiON decided to implement Pergamin when the regulations regarding remote and hybrid work were changing, which forced companies to mass annex documents — including signing and sending them. 

Handling a large number of documents without an electronic document circulation tool was a real challenge because:

  • involved HR resources,
  • involved high costs,
  • was extended in time.

Optimized document management process for BPiON Services

The implementation of Pergamin went smoothly. Within a few days, document templates were introduced into the system, ready for verification and testing by BPiON employees. If in doubt, the company could use the help of the Customer Service Department at Pergamin or watch the video guide on the YouTube channel, which contains detailed instructions on how to use the system.

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What is the process of using Pergamin in BPiON?

First of all, BPiON uses the platform mainly to manage documents with current employees and candidates. Pergamin is visible to the newly employed when they receives the offer. The system allows the new candidates to go through the document and when they have questions or wants to leave a comment, it is possible to write it down in the system.

  • Due to new provisions introduced into the labor regulations in 2023, employers were forced to introduce changes in their approach to concluding contracts with their employees.

"When an employee is already employed, Pergamin is a great support for us when analyzing documents and when we want to sign various declarations via the system."

Karolina Ignyś, HR Director

Second of all, Pergamin streamlines the process of concluding employment contracts by BPiON clients. It’s a complex process that requires work on a set of documents. HR employees must receive not only an employment contract and job description but also questionnaires, statements and applications, e.g. to ZUS. In response to this, Pergamin has prepared documents available in the “0” package.

Solution: The "0" package from Pergamin

HR people call the “0” package a set of documents that a new employees see after entering the system and which they must complete to be employed. These include a personal questionnaire, PIT-2 and all documents necessary to complete at the time of employment, sent to ZUS and the Tax Office.

The “0” package from Pergamin:

  • allows to work with documents 100% online;

  • allows to recover 70% of the HR Manager’s working time;

  • speeds up the processes 10 times;

  • reduces costs by 75%;

  • enables return on investment in Pergamin after just 3 months.

Templates available in Pergamin provide great support for BPiON. Any part of the company – payroll, accounting or general – can use them, easily create and adapt them to their needs.

"The "0" package that our candidate receives is consistent with the HR policy. It contains all the documents needed for employment.

Karolina Ignyś, HR Director

“In the case of a company that outsources HR and payroll processes, an efficient approach to this case guarantees the process and cost-effectiveness of our clients. The platform provides us with functionalities that minimize repetitive activities. They allow us to eliminate paper document management and allow HR employees to focus on what is most important to them."

Marta Różańska, Client Service Director

Additionally, BPiON decided to use the Letterhead function. This means contract templates generated in BPiON Organizations in Pergamin are branded with the company’s logo. Thanks to this, the documents look even more professional, which is noticed by new employees and candidates, and meets corporate standards.

The result: a quick and efficient process of annexing and signing contracts online

Pergamin reduced the costs associated with remote work. Thanks to Pergamin, the candidate and the future employee can read all the provisions of the contract and sign it with an electronic signature. Before coming to the office, even a month before starting work with a new employer. The candidate receives a link to log in, read all the documents and complete them quickly and efficiently.

Aleksandra Nowicka, who holds the position of HR&Payroll Manager, summarizes the cooperation between BPiON and Pergamin:

"I recommend Pergamin to any company that is looking for a solution to fully manage electronic document flow, wants to prepare contracts more easily, keep documents in order and save time!"

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Case study: Fast contracts annexation with the "0" starter package for the new employees
BPiON provides modern HR, payroll and accounting outsourcing services throughout Europe. Successfully...

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