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Add annexes to employment contracts and recruit new employees completely online - 90% faster. With Pergamin's hybrid signature, you'll reduce your employment paperwork to a few automated steps.

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Dorota Gierak

Entitlement Manager, ANG

ANG Group is systematically taking measures leading to faster development and increased accessibility of the services offered. Automated work on documents in Pergamin and the possibility of using a hybrid signature supports our HR departments in signing contracts with new employees 100% online – without commuting and unnecessary meetings.”

Establish the terms and conditions of employment and automate all of the paperwork

Keep track of every stage
of working with contracts

Agreeing on the terms of employment with the candidate is the first step to success. With Pergamin, you will go through all of the formalities conveniently and automatically. You will create a draft contract online and sign documents electronically with a hybrid signature. By doing so, you'll increase your competitive advantage and the onboarding process will be easier for your new employees.

Automate adding attachments to documents

Sign not only contracts and annexes to contracts, but also attachments that are part of the employment-related document package, such as NDAs, GDPR consents, and statements.

Implement a flexible process

Give your employee a document to fill out or sign. If you prefer, fill it out yourself - either manually or automatically - and then send it to the employee for signing. If you discover an error, you can make corrections to the document that you sent to the employee and not go backwards in the process.

Benefits at every stage
of working with HR documents

Maintain full control over documents and order in the annexes

Track the status of documents and benefit from the possibility to make corrections to the document until the signature is obtained. Once signed, you have a constant overview of all the agreements and know what their status is. If you want to speed up obtaining a signature, you can send a text message reminder to your employee.

Qualified signature

We are an authorized partner of Asseco Data Systems. We will remotely verify your identity and issue you the mobile qualified signature that you need to conclude an online contract.

Hybrid signature

Sign annexes and document employment agreements. The employee does not need to have their own electronic signature.

Integration via API

Automate contracting and build scalable processes based on data sources from HRM or ERP.

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