Online contracting for shopping centers accelerated by 90%

Do you care about cost efficiency? Conveniently create and sign online contracts with B2B customers, accelerate business arrangements, and reduce the time to sign contracts. Streamline communication and eliminate contracting downtime.

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10 times faster short-term
rental process

Paulina Tkacz

Property Management Specialist, Atrium European Real Estate

“Pergamin has greatly reduced the time it takes to prepare and circulate documents – a process that used to take a week. We now manage to close in as little as an hour.” 

You can sign the contract even on the same day after the tenant sends the form

Contracts on one online platform

Improve the communication between the head office and shopping centers, each of which is a separate team. Managers from the head office can quickly switch between teams to get a complete picture of the deals being concluded.

Signing contracts without downtime

Integrate Pergamin with the system via API, and the contractor data will automatically be entered into your contracts.

Modular Template Builder

With the easy-to-use template builder, you'll create a contract from ready-made paragraphs that you've prepared in advance.

Sign contracts by text message

Sign the document using a text message code, regardless of your counterparty’s location, in two language versions - Polish and English. If you are entering into a contract for more than one year, you can use a qualified signature.

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in the real estate industry

Reduce costs

It's crucial that the short-term contracting process is a self-service process in order to be cost-effective. Finalize deals faster and more conveniently with Pergamin so you can invest your attention and the costs on more important responsibilities than keeping track of contracts.

Speed up contract signing

Reduce the time from contract draft to signature by up to 90%.

Integracja poprzez API

Automate document management and build scalable processes based on data sources.

Would you like to shorten the time between

business arrangements and signing a contract

in other processes or teams?  

Generate revenue faster with software for creating contracts

We will show you how to streamline your document workflow in your company.

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