Case study: Ekspert Optyk

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The problem: expensive processes


The problem in a nutshell:

  • paper documents,
  • costs associated with delivery,
  • the length of the contracting process with optical shops.


Ekspert Optyk group enters into contracts with optical salons operating throughout Poland, based on which it negotiates business terms with suppliers. Until now, the purchasing group relied solely on paper documents when signing contracts with optical stores. Printed contracts were delivered via courier companies or mail to opticians scattered throughout the country. This unfortunately generated costs both on the part of the group itself and its cooperating salons.

This approach to paperwork had the effect of prolonging the process:

  • preparation of documents,
  • their signing,
  • delivery to optical salons.


As a result, the salons benefited belatedly from the benefits that come with being part of the Ekspert Optyk group, which supports its business partners in their development.


The solution: digitization and automation of online contract creation

The Ekspert Optyk group aims not only to work out the best business conditions for the affiliated salons, but also to optimize cooperation and reduce costs on both sides. 

Representatives of the association were looking for a tool that would be a natural step to fully digitize and centralize the contracting process. As a result, since August 2020, the Ekspert Optyk group has been using Pergamin, a system for generating contracts and signing them online.


The challenge: smooth implementation of business partners into the operation of the system

Thanks to the implementation of Pergamin, the group informed optical shops about what elements of the cooperation would be digitized from now on. It was important to change habits: to switch from paper documents to those in online form. Despite the concerns of some partners, the group-wide implementation of Pergamin took only a few days, with content and product support from the Pergamin team.

In the same short period of time, the Ekspert Optyk group created a dedicated contract template. It included many dependent provisions, as well as complex tables. At the same time, the group actively uses automatic contracts creator based on the built template, as well as PDF documents added to the system.

Thanks to the use of Pergamin, Ekspert Optyk is realizing cost optimization objectives. The need to print contracts and deliver them by courier or mail, and thus the associated expenses, has disappeared. Group-affiliated salons do not incur any costs for signing contracts in Pergamin. 


The solution in a nutshell:

  • a tool to fully digitize the contracting process – from creation through negotiation delivery and signing,
  • cost reduction,
  • automating the creation, delivery and signing of contracts,
  • use of contract templates and the ability to sign your own PDF files.



Ekspert Optyk group has taken a number of steps toward fully digitizing its operations. One of them was to start using Pergamin. 


Within a single platform, the group creates contracts online, delivers them to optical stores and signs them. In addition, it has access to all concluded contracts in a convenient archive, without having to search for them in physical binders. 


The choice of Pergamin has optimized and automated the contracting process, and just as importantly, reduced costs on both sides: the Ekspert Optyk group and its associated salons.

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