Startup Development House: How the move to remote work became a step towards paperless

Startup Development House is a Polish company that develops custom software and digital products. Since 2015, SDH has been building startups from Dubai to Oslo and from Los Angeles to Warsaw. SDH works on concepts across a wide range of industries using the latest technologies. It supports exciting startups at the beginning of their development, as well as established companies such as Siemens and Toyota. To date, SDH has collaborated on more than 70 projects located on 5 continents.

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    • Giving up paper documents in the HR area.
    • Facilitating contract processing.
    • An innovative solution to streamline recruitment while working remotely.


    The problem: paper-based HR processes

    Before SDH implemented Pergamin, it used a classic form of document signing in the HR area. Collecting signatures could cause headaches. The process involved printing, mailing and then manually scanning documents for archiving. A hard copy was used each time an error was discovered, a contract was renewed, or the terms of service changed. Copies always had to be printed in duplicate. This required consuming a large amount of paper and then finding a place to store it. SDH was looking for a way to optimize this process and eliminate the waste of raw material. In addition, the company was looking for innovative solutions, as it offers such services itself.


    What have been the results so far?

    • the process was very time-consuming and tiring,
    • the process was not environmentally friendly – it required the consumption of paper and energy to print,
    • the process was old-fashioned and incompatible with the company’s core values.


    Implementing Pergamin: going 100% paperless in HR


    The Pergamin system was implemented as the Pandemic began. Startup Development House decided to switch completely to remote work mode. This required a lot of changes, especially in the recruitment and document signing process. The Pergamin system made it easier to sign and process contracts. It also eliminated the problem of paper waste and made SDH better able to support sustainability. In addition, the Pergamin solution is innovative, which is in line with the company’s core values. The implementation process for operating the application went very smoothly. On a day-to-day basis, using Pergamin is simple, fast and enjoyable.

    The main advantages of the solution:

    • simplicity,
    • convenience,
    • saving time and energy,
    • innovation,
    • environmentally friendly.

    Pergamin was an indispensable solution for us, given the pandemic situation and the transition to fully remote work. In addition, the solution has worked so well for us that even after we partially return to office work, we will still use Pergamin. It is a simple and convenient tool for document processing. Another important aspect for us is the reduction in paper consumption, which has a positive impact on the environment.

    Damian Czerw, Chief Operating Officer at Startup Development House

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